Sewer Lateral Compliance

Sewer Lateral camera inspections play a large roll in what your sewer may or may not need to gain Sewer Compliance. The Sewer inspection may reveal that your sewer does not need replacement and may only need a water test. Camera inspections can be easy or very difficult. A sewer clean out is a great thing to have if it is located in the right area of the property. Most older homes do not have sewer clean outs as the code requirements were not as clear. Today’s code is very clear and all new construction and sewers that are replaced require at least one sewer clean out. The best clean out location is within two feet of the house ( exterior ) just after the main drain exits the footing of the house.

Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspection

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Example of a house clean out

Camera Sewer Inspections for sewer compliance are different in every municipality. In the Bay Area there are several Municipalities and there are Cities that regulate the sewer. For example Oakland regulates the Sewers in Oakland as with Albany, Berkeley, Richmond in most parts of Richmond, but in some parts of Richmond there are Municipalities that regulate the sewer such as West County Waste Water and Stege Sanitary District. Stege Sanitary District also regulates most sewers in El Cerrito. A well established Sewer/Plumbing Company knows the boundaries and specifics for the Cities and Municipalities and what the specifications are needed to gain your Sewer Compliance. Some Municipalities will review a sewer inspection DVD and let you know if it needs to be replaced and some charge a fee,  some do not. The specifics for each Municipality change as time goes on,  so what was required 5-10 years ago is not necessarily the current procedure. Rhino Rooter Inc. specifically focuses on Sewer replacements and are very familiar with each City and Municipality specifications.

Our plumbers can determine the condition of your sewer by performing a Sewer Lateral Camera Inspection which can reveal cracks or breaks in the line that can be caused by ground shifts, settlement or root intrusion. A closed circuit television video screen allows the homeowner to view the inspection while it’s being performed. The plumber will provide a DVD recording of the inspection to the homeowner or realtor for review or give to a municipality for sewer compliance review issues. This technology can be used to simply verify why your sewer may be giving you trouble and the problem location can be pinpointed. The Camera Inspection is used heavily in the Real Estate inspection process to try to identify if the sewer is compliant, may need only a water test, what is needed to perform a water test or to identify if the sewer needs replaced. Most camera inspections take an hour or less.

For Example:

Oakland – In Oakland the sewer compliance sewer responsibility is the entire sewer from the house up to the City main including the fitting in the main if it needs replaced. This is often in the City Street and can be a hole as deep as 10 feet. Some of these sewer laterals can be over 100 feet long and sometimes run through other properties and into the rear of the property down into rear easements, it can be a jungle up in the Oakland hills. These can be difficult Sewer Lateral Camera Inspections.

Berkeley and Albany – In these Cities the Sewer Lateral Camera Inspection is usually from the house up to the City curb. This is the common responsibility of the homeowner for the sewer unless the sewer runs to a side easement, rear easement, or the City main that is located under the City sidewalk. These are typically easy Sewer Lateral Camera Inspections.

The specific dynamic for each house and the house sewer is different in most cases. The sewer lateral camera inspection gains the specific information so that Rhino Rooter can give accurate information instead of generalized information regarding what is needed for the house to gain Sewer Lateral Compliance.

Rhino Rooter is a full service plumbing contractor serving Oakland CA, Berkeley CA and surrounding areas. We install and repair all plumbing and sewer systems. Although we specialize in Trenchless Sewer Replacements, PSL Compliance, Sewer Lateral Camera Inspections, and EBMUD PSL Compliance in Oakland, Richmond, El Cerrito our plumbing technicians are available for any Plumbing and Drain Cleaning services you may need.

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