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Rhino Rooter has been helping Realtors and Property owners for over 20 years with city sewer compliance issues. We know what is required from each city. We perform the sewer inspections, and all the work required by the City or Municipality to bring the sewer system to code and gain compliance.

We have included the following links for your information and to help answer any questions you may have. You are always welcome to call us to speak with a master plumber directly as well. The City of Berkeley site has a helpful diagram describing the various components of your home’s sewer system.

The common terms used in Sewer Business are: Sewer Lateral Sewer Compliance, Sewer Compliance, EBMUD Sewer Compliance, Berkeley PSL, Sewer Lateral Camera Inspection.

Each City or Sewer Municipality in the East Bay has their own Sewer Compliance standards.

Some of these Cities use ( EBMUD ) East Bay Municipal Utility District for the Sewer Compliance Certification.

It is important to hire a Sewer Contractor that is familiar to the specifications and requirements for where the work is being performed.

For example:

Berkeley – Berkeley requires a PSL Permit for any Sewer work and Berkeley Inspects and issues the Compliance Certification. ( two inspections  –  same as Oakland )

Oakland – Oakland  requires a (SL) Sewer Permit, and a ( XL ) Excavation Permit in most cases for any Sewer work in Oakland. Oakland does their own inspection on the sewer and   EBMUD Inspects for Sewer Compliance. ( two inspections )

Alameda – The City of Alameda does not issue Sewer Permits for Sewer work anymore as long as there is no work in the public right of way. To gain Sewer compliance EBMUD inspects the water test and issues the Sewer Compliance. ( one inspection )

Albany, CA

Berkeley, CA

East Bay Municipal Utility District, CA


Oakland, CA

Piedmont, CA

Richmond, CA

Stege Sanitary District

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