Berkeley Sewer Replacement

Trenchless Sewer Although most Berkeley Sewer replacements are on the simple side, this sewer involved three separate open trench sections. Due to the pipe being shallow and short runs, it's better to open trench and install cast iron. We did pipe burst a new sewer...

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Sewer Replacement Advantage

Trenchless Sewer Replacement A trenchless sewer replacement is amazing. This is as apposed to days where full open trench replacement was all there was available. I have done many of both and the advantage is for both the Home Owner and the Sewer Contractor. Foremost...

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Sewer Compliance

Sewer Testing for Compliance Thank you for allowing Rhino Rooter Inc to try and get your sewer to pass the compliance with an air/water test to gain Sewer Compliance. The specifics regarding a test may not have been clear and I would like to expand to try and make it...

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Private Sewer Lateral (PSL)

To be Sewer compliant is to gain a Sewer Compliance within the region affected by the East Bay Regional Private Sewer Lateral Program (EBRPSL). This link to EBRPSL specifically shows the areas governed by the  ( EBRPSL ) and the areas that are not governed.  East Bay...

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Main Sewer Tap

Sewer Fitting Here we show a Lateral connection to the main that had to be removed due to the prior Contractor pouring concrete over the fitting. In this case the Oakland Inspector required us to remove the concrete to install a new fitting in the main. During the...

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Sewer Lateral Camera Inspection

Sewer Compliance Each City or Sewer Municipality in the East Bay has their own Sewer Compliance standards. Some of these Cities use ( EBMUD ) East Bay Municipal Utility District for the Sewer Compliance Certification. It is important to hire a Sewer Contractor that is...

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